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Our Practice Area
Business & Economic Development

Empowering Tribal Entities to 
Flourish in Business Ventures

Peebles Kidder represents a large cross-section of tribes and tribal entities and corporations in areas that include the development of natural resources, gaming, and other business ventures. These opportunities generate revenue for tribes and enable tribal entities to grow their investments and capitalize on a wide-range of business opportunities.

Peebles Kidder brings real world expertise to our work in the areas of business development and finance, with significant experience and understanding of tribal needs in business and commercial interests including:

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Business & Economic Development

  • Commercial Ventures and Investments

  • Construction

  • Emerging Industries

  • Federal Government Contracting

  • Finance

  • Fuel

  • Gaming Development & Management

  • Land Acquisition

  • Leasing & Rights of Way

  • Lending & Consumer Affairs

  • Tobacco Compliance & Regulations

  • Tribal 8(a) Development

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