SolveigMonson Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Monson manages the firm’s daily operations and long-range activities that support the firm’s staff and clients. Ms. Monson is responsible for oversight, direction and planning of all office services, accounting, staffing, technology and communication services, building facilities and leasing matters, financial and contract services, purchasing and procurement, and risk management and compliance matters on behalf of the firm.

Ms. Monson has 30+ years of experience in managing operational systems and processes for the private sector, public sector and nonprofit organizations. Her organizational and management leadership provides a strong infrastructure and support network for the entire firm.

Ms. Monson has a BA in Political Science from Luther College and a MA in Public Administration from The American University in Washington D.C.

SolveigMonson Chief Operating Officer

Contact Information

Sacramento, CA (916) 441-2700 (916) 441-2067